“MercaSantoDomingo” is an assignment of the Secretary of Agriculture of the Dominican Republic to the join venture of Mercasa and Incatema Consulting SL.

The goal of this farming unit is to be the place where the commercial activities in relation with the distribution of food by the farmers to the suppliers take place, into a mark of control of transport, storage, conservation, manipulation, sells and distribution of farming goods.

The sign of the contract was realize the 18th of December in 2000, with a tender of 49.000.000 USD, divided in two parts.

The first part, with a cost of 29.751.891 USD, consisted in the construction of:

- 4 Markets of Fruits and Vegetables of 7.400 m˛ everyone.

- 1 Market of Producers of 7.400 m˛.

- 1 Mercado de Polivalencia y Tubérculos de 7.400 m˛.

- 1 administrative and commercial build with 3 floors, everyone of 1.000 m˛ everyone.

- The accesses and a weighing machine.

The second part, with a budget of 20.000.000 USD, was executed in 2012.